• Coloring Book Pro Mobile App Released!

    We have released our Free Coloring Book Pro mobile app to Google Play and the Apple App Store!

    This free mobile app includes thousands of coloring pages, for completely free with no subscription required!

  • Parrotwings for Coloring Books, Peace and Relaxation

    Our partners at Parrotwings have launched a website that promotes peace and relaxation. We have worked with them to help release several coloring books available on Amazon. They have also gathered the coloring pages and made them available to browse and print.

    Visit Parrotwings for excellent birding and gardening articles, peaceful sounds and relaxing coloring pages.

  • Apps Updated with Flutter

    We have finally updated all our mobile apps using the Google Flutter development framework! This has taken a while to complete but it has really helped us to improve the overall quality of our apps.

    You will notice significant performance improvements and better stability in our apps available on the Apple app store and Google Play.

  • Animal Zentangles Coloring Books Released!

    We have published 3 adult coloring books themed around animal zentangles! These books include several animals to color including, horses, birds, cats, dogs and sea life!

    These can be purchased on Amazon below.

  • Dream Catcher Adult Coloring Book Published!

    We have published our Dream Catcher Adult Coloring Book. It is available to purchase from Amazon.

  • Fantasy Dragons Adult Coloring Books Published

    We have published 3 adult coloring books themed around Dragons!

    These can be purchased on Amazon below.

  • Beautiful Butterflies Adult Coloring Book Published

    We have published our first coloring book on amazon! This can be purchased from amazon and is available in the US, UK and Europe.

    View this book on amazon.

  • Coloring Books Published

    We have started to put together compilation coloring books! People of all ages have a passion for coloring and drawing which can also provide stress relief and relaxation. The books that we have published are available on amazon from our author page which can be found here. Our collection of books can also be found from our website too.

  • Mangrove Blue Flycatcher

    We were sent a beautiful picture of a Mangrove Blue Flycatcher and it is our pleasure to share it with everyone.
    Thank you for sending this in :) If anyone wants to send in any birding media we will gladly please email us and we will add it to our website.

  • Flutter App Development

    Over the last few years we have developed our mobile apps using various different programming languages and technologies. We made use of Java for the Android development but after a while we knew we wanted to develop for the Apple platform. The luminous apps team has strong skills in web technologies (namely JavaScript and CSS) and so we took a deep dive into Cordova. This allowed us to write our code once and release apps for both Apple and Android. This was great for a while due and allowed us to expand our audience nicely.

    Google launched Flutter Framework 1.0 towards the end of 2018 which offered similar advantages as Cordova, write once, deploy on Apple/Android. Apps developed using Flutter offer native mobile app performance, this is where Cordova for us was lacking (the app is wrapped within a webview), some of our apps written in Cordova had large lists which became sluggish and not so nice to use. We rewrote a few of our iOS mobile apps using Flutter and we are much more pleased with the performance and also the development experience (hot reload is simply a huge time saver!). Expect luminous apps to focus on more app development using the Flutter framework for rich quality mobile apps for you to enjoy.


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